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Turnkey projects


We know how to give answers and meet your special needs. Besides, we will be happy to assist you in our facilities, where you can see all our products.


You will receive the budget for the design and construction of the customized greenhouse, or of the products you need in the shortest possible time.

Quality Assembly 

With more than 20 years of experience and a great team of professionals, we carry out comprehensive quality projects with maximum security.

After Sales Service

When you are already enjoying your purchase, we will remain at your disposal to solve your doubts or any problems you may have.

    We are experts in the design of agricultural greenhouses, as well as in the construction of all types of greenhouses. Especially the Multitunnel and Raspa and Amagado type, most common greenhouses in the Almeria region.

    Design and construction of any agricultural warehouse, for the machinery and custody of any element.

    As specialists in greenhouse construction, our materials are fully prepared to be resistant to the most extreme conditions. Anyway, GREENHOUSES LA SOLERA has all kinds of spare parts so that it is never a problem for your facilities.

    We have the most advanced and powerful machinery for earthworks and land preparation.

    We prepare and build all kinds of reservoirs, open and closed, in order to efficiently store and distribute precious assets such as water for crops.

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